Friday, August 28, 2009

Praying for the Persecuted on the Day of Fasting

Brothers and Sisters,

As you fast and pray today (I observe the fast from sundown Thursday to sundown Friday) here are some deep needs in the Body of Christ which I found on the International Christian Concern website:

Over ten thousand Christians have fled Burma (Myanmar) for CHINA to escape the ongoing civil conflict in Myanmar. The military government in Myanmar is attempting to crush resistance to their rule in tribal areas. One of these tribal groups are the Karen, a mostly Christian group within the country.

Pakistani Christians continue to be persecuted by the government and attacked by mob violence under the new blasphemy law. Please pray for its repeal and protection for the many Christians in Pakistan.

The South Korean government is seeking to restrict the mission work of their citizens in Islamic countries after many South Korean missionaries have been arrested and expelled by Islamic countries. Please pray that God will keep does open for our brothers and sisters to share the gospel of Jesus in the Islamic world.

Please pray that the government of India will revise the legal status of Dalits from "Backward Classes" to "Scheduled Caste." This will give the Dalits the same political and socio-economic and educational opportunities as others. Many Dalits have become Christians.

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