Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thinking About Political Atheism

I was reading through the atheist responses to the PastorMatt.tv blog and posted the following thoughts:

The evidence is pretty strong that the most dangerous belief system which has ever been developed is atheism. Atheists protest that Christianity is dangerous and that we’re going to bring back an Inquisition. But let’s be honest, the Inquisition, universally derided even among Catholics, killed a few thousand people over 400 years. Stalin murdered possibly 30 million in three decades. Christianity would never survive with that track record.
The other piece of dishonesty is the equating of Intelligent Design with “teaching religion in the classroom.” Sorry, if a Christian, Jew, and Muslim all agree on something, it is not equivalent to a religion or worship. You don’t get to define a general recognition of some kind of God as a religion simply because you reject all religions. Most people in the world believe in SOMETHING divine. It is totalitarian to demand that the majority of the planet avoid offending your belief system. That kind of thinking, unrestrained, would lead to . . . Oh wait, I already covered that.