Monday, September 6, 2010

Excellent Article on the New York Evolution Case

Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm not one of those who spends a great deal of time banging the drum about biblical creationism. I'd rather talk about the cross and the kingdom of God. But that being said, the cross assumes a real historical Adam. Adam sinned for us all, as our representative, and plunged humanity into guilt and sin. Jesus, the New Adam, died for us, as our representative, so that we might be rescued from the plight of Adam. When you introduce evolution into this mix, the entire edifice begins to tremble. When you remove the historical Adam, it crumbles to the ground.

A Reformed pastor at the Pastor of Print blog has written an excellent article about the consequences of evolutionary teaching. As background, this article is about PCA pastor, Choong, who is teaching evolution in the New York Metro Presbytery. Choong was noticed by the Aquila Report a week or so ago, and gave the information to the local Presbytery. If New York Metro doesn't handle this, there will be numerous presbyteries clamoring for original jurisdiction.

Pastor of Print's excellent article can be found here.