Thursday, June 11, 2015

Overture 3 - Quit Dedicating Babies

Actually, they are Methodists, but we wear the same robes and have the same baptismal fonts.

Overture 3) Changes to parental baptismal vows. Our current baptismal vows contain the commitment to “dedicate your child to God,” and the overture simply removes that language. This language is problematic in a Christian culture dominated by baptistic theology because so many Christians who reject covenantal baptism still “dedicate” their children. It muddies the theological waters as we try to distinguish what we believe Scripture teaches from baptistic theology. Also, the language of dedication is not strictly biblical. The “dedications” of children in Scripture are to things other than the reception of the covenantal sign or other general situations. Instead, dedications are to unique situations, such as Samuel’s dedication to the service of the Temple. Since not many parents are dropping their kids off in indentured servitude to their local church (not that many wouldn’t like to), losing the language might be a good idea.

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