Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Assembly Mired in RPR Report

"The RPR is kind of like your little sister who constantly tattles on you, which is sometimes helpful, but is mostly just annoying." -TE Doug McNutt

The Committee on the Review of Presbytery Records's report is becoming mired in debate with an Assembly already 2 1/2 hours behind schedule. RPR has recommending citing a presbytery for allowing a man to take a personal exception to sacramental theology in favor of paedocommunion (allowing non-examined children to take the Lord's Supper). As many men have stated (and largely followed), he agreed not to teach his view or teach against the theology of the denomination.

The problem for RPR is that the GA has repeatedly, for decades, declined to rule the exception unallowable. This is different than ruling it allowable, which would have solved the problem a long time ago. The recommendation from RPR would have the effect of establishing doctrine and acting judicially, neither of which does it have the authority to do. We've ended up in this situation avoiding issues (on the GA level) because we don't want to expend time and relational capital resolving them. The time we don't spend resolving the issues we end up spending during the RPR report year after year.

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