Friday, April 23, 2010

One of the Most Powerful Sermons You Will Ever Hear

Do not watch this sermon unless you have an hour to watch the whole message. Do not watch this sermon unless you can give it your whole attention. Watch this with your family. Get ready for life-giving, life-saving truth.


Free Bible Study Software

Back when the ESV first came out, Good News Publishers included a postcard for free copy of an ESV Bible program. The first version was created by WordSoft, and it was great. It was easy to use and flexible. The later software giveaways were not as useful, and after I changed computers several times I wasn't able to transfer the program.

A couple of months ago I found a wonderful Bible study program for free, and it includes the ESV. I use it almost every day. It is called Berean Bible Software, "BerBible." You can download it here.