Monday, August 24, 2009

Dr. K.'s New Book on James

Many people at Highlands know Henry Krabbendam, emeritus professor of theology at Covenant College and long-time missionary to Uganda. He is a passionate, heroic, and eccentric figure. His booming, rich, Dutch-accented voice, his 6' 9'' frame, his broad smile and easy gentle hugs are all unforgettable. Thousands of students have learned to do theology under his teaching and today housewives to theologians think in the categories which Dr. K. teaches: “100% plus 100% is 100%.” “It doesn't fit in your mind, but it fits in your heart.” “The One and the Many.”

Many hundreds (at least) have journeyed with Dr. K. to Uganda and seen God working and had their lives changed forever. Military evacuations, foiled terrorist attacks, pit latrines, preaching on the streets and in pagan temples are all part of the incredible life ministry of Dr. K.

A few weeks ago Dr. K. wrote me inviting me to participate in a new ministry. In the course of the back and forth I asked about his forthcoming commentary on James. Dr. K. has been teaching on James for years and he told me that he was using some of my writing on confession of sin in him commentary. He sent me his commentary (all 1007 pages) EMBEDDED in an email and told me to distribute it. He wants the commentary “out.” I sat on it for a few days before something occurred to me. I wasn't going to use an electronic copy. I don't particularly like three-ring binders or comb binding. So I published it and ordered three copies.

Technology for book publishing has developed to the point that it is possible to set up a book oneself and print copies as single units. It just costs more per copy, but it is the greatest thing in the world for low-investment, no wastage publishing. I uploaded his book to one of these services and should have three copies a week later, bound in a large paperback.

For those of you interested in such things as commentaries or books on theology (Dr. K's book is both), or if you are just interested in having some great Dr. K. material at your fingertips, you can order the book by clicking on the book below. While the publisher's copy will be undoubtably nicer, it with also most likely be more expensive. I've priced the book at cost. Neither I nor Dr. K. will make anything from these pre-release sales. With shipping, it'll cost you about $20 per copy. Enjoy and be blessed!

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