Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Assembly Overview

> This year's Assembly has several groups of issues before it. It isn't apparent yet how contentious these things will be. Somewhat shockingly, we don't have female deacons/deaconesses on the docket, perhaps because we've achieved an equilibrium. The conservatives aren't going to lay charges against the progressives and the progressives aren't going to ordain women as deacons. For the time being we'll continue with non ordained female deacons and deaconesses.
> The Pacific Northwest Presbytery submitted a pile of overtures meant to try to clean up our rules of church discipline. There's a couple of overtures to change rules of Assembly operations. Three theological overtures are in the docket: one dealing with intinction (dipping bread in wine during communion), another requiring church members affirm the Apostle's Creed and a third condemning any evolutionary view of Adam. The Ad-Interim Committee on Insider Movements is presenting a partial report dealing with translation and asking for another year to finish its work. Finally, the Administrative Committee has a new set of proposals for funding the administration of the PCA and the General Assembly.
> I'll try to post some thoughts on these later.
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