Monday, April 18, 2011

The Best Novel You Will Read This Year

Don't let its size daunt you. The Island of the World by Michael O'Brian is not a difficult read, at least in that it is not intellectually tiring (does that make sense?). But it IS a difficult read in a spiritual and emotional sense, not like Saving Private Ryan (glad I saw it and never will again), but in that it takes you to difficult places and you find that your heart and soul went on a journey with Josip Lasta. It will probably change you and the novel will live with you.

Island of the World is the story of Josip Lasta, a Croatian whose life is a difficult journey through the Second World War and Communism and unbelief and hopelessness. It is very Roman Catholic in perspective and addresses, narratively, the struggle to forgive out of very deep hurt.

Here's an idea for a spiritual retreat. Take two books: The Island of the World by O'Brian and Free of Charge by Volf. I think your world and heart will be rocked. Read O'Brian first.

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