Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Strange Things Which Happen When You Google Your Name

When the man introduced himself to me as an "independent journalist," I didn't think an awful lot about it. There are often journalists writing for blogs and small magazines around religious conventions and conferences. He spent a while talking to me, a very pleasant guy.

I had gone to the mic during a comment time after a presentation at the Renewing the Evangelical Mission Conference at Gordon Conwell last month. The context was a talk during which the presenter suggested that what the church needed for new vitality was more focus on correct doctrine. I suggested that maybe we have correct doctrine by the bucketloads and what we're missing is a willingness to suffer. In my conversation with the reporter afterwards, we started to talk about immigration and immigrants.

I Googled my name today (I'm told this is a wise thing to do, but I'd do it anyway because I'm self-centered) and got several pages into it and discovered that my little interview landed in the WASHINGTON POST. While writing this blog entry I looked up the web address for the Post article and found out that people were writing about the article in the Post while naming me (as the pastor of Highlands!) and several others. If you are interested, you can find Highlands mentioned on First Things, Mike Potter's Blog and BlackChristianNews.com as well as some others.

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